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Hi! I'm Kat :D

As an inspired creative, entrepreneur, and adventure enthusiast, I'm all over the board and the map and I love it!

My adoration for horses got me started as a small business owner.

I have continued to expand that brand to include 

businesses and non-profits that align with my core values.

I am proud to provide quality services and experiences in 

Genealogy, Yoga, Horsemanship, Graphic Design, and Consultation.

I represent a reliable, authentic, and professional experience in all that I offer 

and am always looking forward to new opportunities for growth

 both personally and professionally.


Degree certification and 10 years experience in graphic design.  I work both locally and nationally, producing websites and high quality print materials for horse farms, small and large businesses, ski resorts, churches, restaurants, charities 

& more.


Degree certification and  20 years experience in Hatha Yoga and Mindful Meditation with course offerings in both classroom and private settings.


Board certification and  5 years experience in countless areas of genealogy, including but not limited to family tree making, DNA and family research.  I have connections locally in Minnesota to Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada and beyond.


20+ years experience 

  • Excavation Services

  • Drainage Services

  • Earth Retention            


20+ years experience

  • Horsemanship

  • Round Pens, Arena

  • Trail Riding


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